Executive coaching skills are the most potent sales and management tools you could possibly acquire. These advanced techniques will help you create exceptional results, regardless of whether you plan to actively coach your team or leverage your background and experience to optimize your personal effectiveness. My personal interest in coaching arose in the course of starting and selling two successful companies. Having come to executive coaching from a business management background, I have an intense appreciation for the results one can achieve through coaching. I encourage you to explore how professional coaching can help you achieve your greatest personal and professional goals.

1. An executive coach knows the difference between therapy, consulting,mentoring and coaching.

2. An executive coach helps the client draw-out the answers they already have.

3. An executive coach is credentialed by the International Coach Federation and adheres to a strict code of ethics.

4. A credentialed executive coach has demonstrated skill in utilizing the 10 coaching competencies with clients.

5. Executive coaches utilize a coaching agreement just as any other professional services organization does.

6. An executive coach designs each coaching engagement based on need, e.g. assessments, reading, frequency, length of calls, duration of coaching engagement as well as the structure of each individual session.

7. There is an acknowledged standard coaching process in the profession for coaching sessions.

8. Also, there are formats that overlay on top of the coaching process to add depth if it is appropriate for the client.

9. Executive coaches draw from an extensive set of questioning tools to create powerful questions to move the client forward.

Stay tuned for Part 2, and how you can get similar results!

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