For example, the industries where I have the deepest experience the last few years are commercial design, construction and healthcare. I’m not a content expert. I’m not an architect, engineer, general contractor or physician (although I’ve been told I could play one on television). What I can bring is process expertise in leadership, strategy and business development.

Here are responses to someone questioning your credibility for any circumstance:

  • You have (pick one… for sake of example – architects) hanging from the rafters in here. The last thing you need is another opinion from an architect. Here’s how you continue if you’d like to have fun – I can help you stop breathing your own exhaust and inject some fresh air.
  • Do you have a product, service or experience you sell? Do you have clients and prospects that you want to attract to it? Isn’t that the same in all businesses or organizations? That’s why I believe I can play a role and help you. If you play the role of content expert and I play the role of process expert, we’ll create more options, move faster and make better decisions than you could alone.

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