From a client meeting this morning – yes, at 7 a.m. on a Monday, I have a nugget to share.

Which one of these types of people is the most pervasive in the leadership roles of organizations?

  1. Someone who is selfish and does not grow their people because they do not want to lose them.
  2. Someone who wants to grow their people and don’t know how or have the tools?
  3. Someone who is just struggling to do their own job well, and doesn’t have the bandwidth to grow their people.

The answer is roughly 1/3 are selfish, 1/3 have good intentions, and 1/3 struggle to do their own job well, and don’t have the bandwidth.

Be someone who improves your team members’ condition every time they interact with you – acknowledge something they do excellent, connect with them on something you have in common or elevate them to help raise their identity and performance.



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