Below is an ‘open letter’ to my network.


My purpose is to challenge proven leaders, like yourself-wanting excellence, to take the next step. In the end, the next step isn’t about increasing revenue, but it is. Read on…

Achieving excellence answers the riddle of the purpose of your life. Most leaders say their purpose is to serve others. Serving’s not your purpose. Your purpose is your purpose. When you know it, you help by serving your purpose.

You may think ‘all I have to do is be a good person’… You were made for more. Examples of being more are leaders you’ve learned about that achieved excellence like Herb Kelleher in business, Mother Teresa in social work, and Joan of Arc in extreme times like war. Would you say these leaders were good people? Yes, and so much more. Why? Because they served their purpose. These leaders strove for excellence instead of just being good.

You may think you already desire excellence every day. Desire isn’t enough. Many desire excellence and never reach it. You have to take the next step and invest in achieving excellence, otherwise it’s an illusion.

P.S. – To be visible and do good, I’m offering, at no cost: 1. a webinar 2. 1v1 coaching on turning things around quickly. DM me for details.

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