I just sent a note of support for an acquaintance that moved his children out of the school I and my 5 children have attended and into a local public school.

The easy thing to do is become defensive and throw stones at the person that seemingly rejects something we closely identify ourselves with by making statements such as ‘they’re making a mistake’ or ‘we didn’t like those traitors anyway’…

Instead, as significant leaders, it should be an opportunity to demonstrate our high integrity and not only support their decision, but challenge them to be excellent at their new school.

In this case he and his wife have started a PTA, a foundation, and an advocacy group for their new school… THAT’S EXCELLENCE.

Pick a situation a week that creates fear, anger, change, loss of control or challenges your sense of attachment to something or entitlement.

Next, be a significant leader and demonstrate your high integrity by responding differently.

In other words, when things aren’t going your way, closely resemble who you perceive yourself to be and see what happens…

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