I’m sharing this with you in the hopes it sparks an idea you can use….

There are three major trends in the commercial construction industry – designing and consructing a building on a computer screen before building it physically (building information modeling or ‘BIM’), increasing collaborative behavior (called integrated project delivery ‘IPD’ or collaboration) and removing wasted movement from work processes or ‘LEAN’ construction.

I started a forum to measure how collaborative the construction industry is (using BIM and LEAN as needed) and answer the question – “how do we raise the bar and increase collaboration further?”

The result is the ‘BIL’ Forum and below is the description”

“This one of kind forum draws together BIL subject experts and practitioners from across the nation to Austin, Texas.  This is an opportunity to build relationships/leadership, deliver just-in-time support and select a common objective to reach collaboratively. BIL is the day after the annual AEC Leadership Super Forum, which is a separate event.

The (IPD) Collaboration Academy Advisory Board will also be awarding the 2012 Collaborators of the Year Award, at a special luncheon during the BIL Forum. This national award program recognizes leadership on (IPD) collaboration.

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