In the previous blog posting to this one we chatted about how to constructively approach the behavior issue of two players on a football team running right when the coach asked the team to run left.

Point #1

Assuming you are successful changing an existing behavior producing negative results for the team, like this one, what if there is added complexity? For example, what if, in addition to the existing behavior problem there is a new, significant change like an organizational restructure; maybe moving from a silo to a matrix organization?

You approach the two issues separately, like peeling an onion.

Point #2

Any change can produce a sense of ‘loss’. In the case of the organizational restructure, if the perceived loss is big enough, it manifests itself behaviorally as resistance to the change.

The first question in a change is ‘how does this work’? It’s not just a technical change like redrawing the organizational chart, there’s an adaptive change to be made by the people impacted.

The second question is: how do we adapt? Is this a strategic or tactical adaptation? In other words, are we stuck answering what to do to adapt or how to do it?


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