Money, Power and Reputation are temporal or temporary in their value.

I saw an ‘estate sale’ sign in front of a mansion today. There were cars lining the street and many bargain hunters and curiosity seekers coming and going to and from this very large house. The person that owned the house had died and the contents of their house were being sold to anyone interested. They probably had a lot of money and you can imagine probably power and a reputation as well.

It made me think about the difference between success and satisfaction. Success is usually related to money, power and reputation. These things are temporal or temporary. After we die, these things evaporate. For example, after you die, someone else will own your stuff…

Satisfaction builds a legacy. How you make others feel that had to work with you lives in their hearts long after you are dead. How do increase your legacy?

  • Practice humility, it’s refreshing. Pride is boring.
  • Smile and be joyful all day. Most people are looking for someone else to lift them up. Those ‘someones’ are some of the more effective leaders of organizations. Who do like being around and/or following? Smiling in organizations is what is called a ‘layup’ in basketball. This is easy and costs no money and leaders still don’t do it eventhough it increases effectiveness at least 10%…. I don’t have any data, but I doubt anyone would argue.
  • Ask good questions – to at least demonstrate you’re listening. Good questions make people think and if you make people think, they remember you because you made them better.

Winning Hearts (satisfaction, which builds a legacy) and Minds (success) = collaboration. If you only have minds, you only have temporal or temporary compliance.

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