When we were children, we accepted what adults said as true until about age 8. Then, we started asking a powerful question – WHY?

The answer to WHY is the process or science behind what we believe.

For example, when someone asks us what we believe leadership is, everyone has an answer, but what’s behind what we believe? Most of the time there is no process or science, it’s opinion.

Instead, what we believe leadership is should be based on an anthropology. Anthropology comes from the Latin word anthropologia, which is the science of human beings.

Here’s my process visual on what I believe the anthropology of leadership is based on the work of Alexandre Havard. I call it The Leadership 2.0 Loop. It’s connecting your identity & day to day performance for optimal results or Significant Leadership.

Are you in the loop as much as you’d like to be? Learn how to always be in the loop. It will change your life.

The loop starts in the upper left corner and then continues, beginning at the 1 o’clock position on the circle. Read the lower left corner after you make your way around the circle.

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