I’m glad this post’s title got your attention. I’m sure it has something to do with timing (November 2nd, 2020), but hey, I’ll take it.

What’s a pressure point? A place on the body (an individual or organizational body or society for that matter) that can be pressed to stop tension, pain or bleeding.

How can we apply this term in business leadership? A business leadership pressure point is a position, role or situation that is a source of chronic pain or an opportunity to use Authentic Leadership and achieve limitless results. It depends.

It depends on if your chronic pain is finally great enough for you to desire and act on becoming an Authentic Leader. Authentic Leadership is character and you build it over time.

You bring Authentic Leadership to bear on your business leadership pressure point. It’s the point, when Authentic Leadership is used, where you can make the biggest, fastest difference in your team, organization, and even in the world.

Think about it, who has the most influence on your team? You.

Your organization? You again.

Your business leadership should be the most important pressure point to you because it can change the world using Authentic Leadership. Don’t blame others. If we aren’t authentic, why should we expect members of our team or organization to be? If we were authentic, we wouldn’t have this chronic pain in the first place.

Business leadership at the service of mankind will save the world. That’s Authentic Leadership….

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