First Things First – Cima’s Business Framework

  • Why/Purpose: I challenge proven leaders, wanting excellence to ‘take the next step’ to become great men and women, building great organizations.
  • The Greater Purpose: Business leadership, at the service of mankind, will save the world.
  • Mission: Share what I know that works and what doesn’t when it comes to long-term decision making and achieving excellence. Your results will be great integrity, magnanimity, great strategy, and permanence.
  • Who: For leaders who are introspective, humble, and committed to reaching the upper right quadrant, or quadrant 4, of the Business Leadership Excellence 2×2.

  • What: Establish a common language, execute a process, and elevate results with an accountability group.
  • How: (virtual & in-person service/program delivery) Strategy advisory program, Significant Leadership Program, & Attollo business peer-to-peer advisory group.
  • How: (marketing) Speaking, writing, direct mail, & leader (often founder) of professional associations and non-profits.
  • Value: Higher standard for yourself, less overwhelm, increased focus & speed, higher quality growth and business continuity.
  • Long-term objective: Business leadership is embraced as a vocation
  • Short-term objective: To attract as many leaders as possible as quickly as possible to do great things with urgency, learn how they can uniquely make a difference, and change the game.

The Road to Excellence – Great Integrity, Magnanimity, Great Strategy and Permanence (a montage of WHO Darren is and WHAT he knows )

WHO Darren is: Going back to the beginning of being a ‘trailblazer’ and leading a group to boldly go where no one has gone before to
accomplish a goal previously out of reach.



High School (Jesuit College Prep)

College (Texas A&M University)

International Business (35 countries)

Taipei and Seoul


Monterrey, Mexico

Then, Sally and I married and I reinvented myself for a career that was more family-friendly…

WHAT Darren’s done (how he knows what he knows)…

2008  – The AEC CEO Round Table sparked conversation and broke-down silos between architects, engineers & contractors



2009 – Initiating integrated project delivery (IPD) where a team culture is established to connect to project strategy to optimize results



2010 – The Collaboration Gauge was the first culture metric created



2011 – The CollaborACTION bridge memorializes what works in a repeatable, annual schedule



2013 – The Pride Curve is a tool to minimize the most potent and pervasive vice, which is pride. 


2014 – The Collaboration Behavior Flow Chart helps leaders make faster, more consistent and informed decisions when dealing with behavior producing negative results



2015 – one of the first elements of the organizational excellence sheet that captures culture on paper and makes it measurable



2017 – the Relationship Placemat makes hiring, assembling teams and professional development visual



2017 – the Constructive Forum, founded and led by Darren, created the ConstructiveForumInteractiveWorkbook to move the ‘norm’ in design & construction in Houston


2018 – The Business Leadership Excellence 2×2 brings everything together

2020 – The Great Reversal – a plan to turn things around quickly by achieving excellence