• Diagnose – using the leader’s Sheet as their unique measuring stick, Cima completes Start/Stop/Continue (S/S/C) interviews by telephone with up to 10 people (1-3 people in each pillar of their life) to uncover what the leader needs to do to build connection with others, lead authentically, and achieve their goals.
  • Treat – create a GAP analysis using the leader’s Sheet and their Authentic Feedback from their S/S/C interviews of those in their Loop. The leader prioritizes a list of actions based on their feedback and begins to work on the first action on the list to begin to close their GAP and achieve their authentic self.

This unique process maximizes safety, minimizes bias and non-actionable (vague or misinterpreted) feedback inherent in 360’s, and sheds light on the shortest path to being your best.

  • Sustain – There are 3 scheduled Loop follow-ups/year that Cima executes on behalf of the leader to create accountability. In the follow-ups, the people in the Loop recommend if the leader should invest more time on the current action item or move on to the next action on the priority list.

Cima and the client meet for 90 minutes monthly, for a minimum of 4 months for accountability, coaching, and education to sustain the Loop and accountability.