Summer is almost over, and if you have school-age children or team members that do, you know there are unavoidable distractions to the work day unique to summer. For example, your child calls you from home to report how unfairly they were just treated by a sibling, and suggest what consequences should befall them.

We tend to react to this distraction by rushing them off the phone. This can carry-over to other interactions in our life and impact our results. Instead, here’s an acronym to use to – THINK before you take action:

T – before you act, is the action you take TRUE to who you are or want to be?

H – is this action HELPful or a hindrance to your results?

I – does the action INSPIRE the response you hope?

N – is the action NECESSARY?

K – are you taking action in a KIND way?

Rely on acronyms like THINK to guide your interactions. While they may sound simplistic, when you’re ‘in the moment’, especially when things aren’t going well, they help you create more options, take action faster, and produce better results than merely reacting to whoever is on the other end of your interaction …

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