Yesterday was a long day like most of us experience weekly. It started at 5am to finish preparing for an 8am meeting. It ended with being a timer at a youth swim meet for 3 hours and then accompanying one of my kids at almost 10pm, who’d been hired by one of the neighbors to water their flowers while they were on vacation.

I didn’t want to do either and did so grudgingly inside my head. Most of us do the same when we’re tired and more is being asked of us. It’s self-centered.

What we should do is what most don’t – model what we profess to others, not with words, but actions. Not when we have energy, but when we’re tired.

When we’re tired, and we still manage to show our best selves is when others can feel our selflessness and we draw-out their best in the moment.

I believe doing this rubs-off on others and you create a ripple effect. How many ripples can you create per week? What’s your experience?

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