While on a business trip in Houston I met a marvelous Uber driver named Kari.

I asked her how business was the last six months and her reply stunned me. She said she’s been driving for three years and she’s worked harder the last six than she ever has. Her reply when I asked ‘why’ is that many drivers were taking PPP checks instead of driving. As a leader, what would you give to have a team folks like Kari?

Here are the lessons I was reminded of by the converation with this Uber driver:

  • Be the same person in all circumstances, especially when you could easily ‘take the money’ and no one would say anything. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, and you’ll make an impression on someone like Kari did with me during that Uber ride.
  • We all have a purpose and we serve it through work. If we’re not working, we’re not on-purpose. Kari shared that her purpose is to spread hope to her customers when she’s driving.
  • Keep it simple. In the last six months she’s focused on one thing – only driving pasengers arriving from Hobby airport instead of taking any customer that comes her way.

I know that experience, skills, knowledge, passion, etc. is important, but reflecting on the last six months:

  1. Were you the same person even when no one was looking?
  2. How did you serve your purpose in life through work since you spend a majority of your time working?

I believe the last six months has been a business accelerator. Meaning, 1. we’ve been forced to look hard at what our highest value activity is for clients and 2. refocus on selling it and delivering it in new ways, but more importantly, 3. growing as a person at the same time rather than remaining unchanged by the sharp reminder of what’s most important in business – character.  

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