Do all your family members have the same capacity to give or be of help?

For example, my 9 year old daughter doesn’t have the same financial capacity as my father, so when she offers to pay for lunch if I take her out, it makes a bigger impression on me than if my father does the same thing. Why? My father is giving from his financial excess while my daughter is giving all she has.

What clients usually do is measure and recognize everyone the same. For example, a front-line team member who is a single mother of 3 school-age children AND a senior vice president that is an ’empty nester’ both show-up for the company service project on a Saturday. They both get credit for participation at their performance reviews, right?

As CEO, what if you thought unconventionally about team member recognition by thinking about variance in team member capacity? Skills, academic capacity, leadership desire, scope of responsibility, time management, and finances would be options to consider.

What if you recognized those that give all they have more so than those giving from their excess? What would be the implications on the culture and in turn the organization’s performance?

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