We’ve been lulled into thinking MEDIOCRITY IS EXCELLENCE…

For example, if we employ people, sit on a few boards, donate money, and provide a comfortable life for our families, what’s unusual about that? Don’t other leaders, especially our competitors, and gasp, those with different political views, etc… do the same?

In other words, what I’ve just described is OUR MEDIOCRITY.

Reach for excellence with all of your stakeholders. Set significant goals that are currently out of reach with the boards you are on. Give money to the point it hurts. Make your family members uncomfortable for their own good. For example, my two Boy Scout sons have a goal to sell 2,000 bags of mulch to pay for a 2 week, 150 mile canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness this summer.

Mediocrity is not excellence. Excellence is excellence. The test is eliciting an occasional ‘WOW’ from others or conversely a look of confusion… Be excellent in every thought, action, and interaction, every day….

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