Today, great men and women building great organizations should not only be experts in business, but also experts in applying ancient wisdom to business leadership (through the study and practice of virtue to build character to exercise leadership).


What has been laid bare the last few months is one of the fundamentals of business is virtuous leadership. Virtuous leadership is business leadership at the service of mankind.

‘Business leadership at the service of mankind will save the world.’ – Darren Smith

You can continue to spend years, like a sculptor, ‘chipping away’ at achieving virtuous leadership on your own, or I can quickly and easily share the ‘mold’ with you instead. Allow me to educate you on what that means.

That’s the type of question we address to drive meaningful discussion and action in ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE QUICKLY, the monthly, 30 minute webinar on the 2nd Friday of each month. The next one is Friday, June 12th.

You can grab a seat now by signing-up on my LinkedIn ‘about’ page.

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