The phrase whack-a-mole denotes a repetitious and futile task: each time a task is finished or a problem is dealt with, yet another task/problem appears elsewhere.

A classic example? Keeping others accountable. Many leaders struggle with establishing accountability because they lapse into ‘managing accountability as a thing’ instead of ‘forming accountable people’ through character building and leading by example. Hence, the whack-a-mole game begins…

I spoke with a client last week about accountability and ‘how’ to do it. It felt like the client thought it was their responsibility to ‘manage’ accountability, but it wasn’t. It’s to ‘lead’ by forming accountable people. CHARACTER NATURALLY EMBRACES ACCOUNTABILITY.

How do you form accountable people? Anyone over the age of 8 responds to connection and character. When leading others, we have to sense we have a connection with them before leading them. Then, we use our character to help form their character. CHARACTER NATURALLY EMBRACES ACCOUNTABILITY. This forms accountable people.

Managing accountability is not a ‘thing’. There’s no way to win a game of ‘whack-a-mole’.

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