My sons take Latin at school and in a recent conversation, I learned from them that the meaning of the word ‘nice’ in Latin means ‘nothing’.

So what? Here’s the point – what do most people do? Use ‘nice’ as a polite/likable way to fill the silence – when they don’t really care about what you just said or have anything to say to you. ‘Nice’ is a conversation killer.

For example, if someone says ‘I hiked the 10th most difficult trail in the U.S. last weekend’. What do most people say in reply? – NICE…

Instead, engage. Avoid saying nice, which means ‘nothing’ and ask a question such as – what makes it the 10th most difficult trail in the U.S.?

When you ask people questions about themselves, you are rubbing them the right way. You become a GREAT CONVERSATIONALIST instead of NICE.

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