A goal that excites my school-age children is a dream season and winning a trophy. It soon fades, and they ask, what’s next?

WHAT’S A GOAL AN ORGANIZATION COMMONLY CHOOSES? Since most organizations live in quadrant 3 or the lower right of the Business Excellence 2×2, it’s SOMETHING THAT MOVES THEM FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ON THE ‘X-AXIS’ AND SOON FADES, like achieving a revenue target or expanding geographically.

Are these SIGNIFICANT GOALS that excite team members? No, except the CEO…

What’s a SIGNIFICANT GOAL? Something you value besides money & others say is impossible in a profitable business… it moves you from the bottom to the top of the ‘y-axis’. Something long-term.

For example, what would it look like if people recommended your organization more or you retained more millennials? What if your organization reached quadrant 4 or the upper right, and stayed? Wouldn’t that be nice?

If you believe you’d make more money in the upper right, than the lower right, the 2nd of 4 ways to add culture to enhance strategy execution to move to the upper right – INCLUDE A SIGNIFICANT GOAL IN YOUR STRATEGIC PLAN.

BE A SIGNIFICANT LEADER https://www.cimastrategic.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/SignificantLeadershipProgramOverview2019.pdf

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