What Specific Activities Help You Develop World-Class Strength?

There is one sure exercise to build your talents into strengths – step-back and watch yourself.

Here’s what I mean – to turn your talents into strengths you have to identify activities that help you ‘do that’. Try an activity that will help you turn one of your top 5 talents into a strength and see how quickly you pick it up. Are you able to skip steps in learning or devise twists that haven’t been seen before? See if you become so absorbed in the activity you lose track of time… If this doesn’t happen, move on to the next activity and the next… within the top 5 talent you’ve focused on.

Here’s an example – one of my top 5 talents is ‘achiever’. An activity is answering a question or a request for help. I answer the question and no more unless asked. In the past I would’ve given the other person all 10 possible responses in my head whether they wanted them or not. 🙂

Less is more in this activity. Overuse of a talent can work against us. Avoiding overuse of my achiever talent helps me turn this talent into a strength.

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