Here’s what I think. The foundation that authentic leadership is built upon is, you guessed it, humility, but here’s where I mess it up.

I tend to lightly check the box on humility. Then, give-in to my biology or instinct and launch myself into building my next success when I should be descending…

Descending? Yep, by excavating before building that next success. Why? To make as much room as possible to include others’ talents in reaching higher than I can by myself. How? Asking these questions point me in the right direction.

  1. Does the latest success you plan to build help you to be on-purpose?
  2. How does it help you execute your mission?
  3. How does it draw-out the best in others rather than being all about you? You can’t reach your authentic or best self without others.

If we excavate our pride and vanity first, we make room for a deeper foundation of humility.

The deeper we excavate, the deeper our foundation, the higher we can build. What do you think?

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