It’s interesting, most of us don’t know WHO we are. Who incorporates 2 questions – WHAT & WHY. What we’re doing or performance is what we call the ‘mind’. Why we’re doing it or why we’re here is what we call the ‘heart’. When we know who we are, we know our IDENTITY.

Finally, if we have these 3 components in-place – our who, what & why, we can decide on the last question – HOW, how we manifest who we are and reach for Business Leadership Excellence.

What most organizations do is make things complicated when it comes to strategy (performance) & culture (identity).

Instead, we should do what excellent organizations do – answer these same questions. Who is our CULTURE, what is our STRATEGY, why takes us back to CULTURE again and how can be many paths, but hinge on our ability to collaborate. Unless we’re not working with another organization, the how has to include collaboration since other people are involved.

Reaching for the upper right quadrant (quadrant 4 in the Business Leadership Excellence 2×2 below) – is the same for an individual and an organization.

Find out how to reach higher.

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