Last night, at the dinner table, as is tradition, we took turns answering a ‘question of the night’. The question was ‘what is your favorite Christmas movie or song?’

Most of the movies and songs mentioned contained a message like ‘remember what’s most important’. Here’s the message I’d like to share with you this Christmas…

Think of being on-purpose.

Think of being on-purpose and serving it to benefit other people BESIDES your family, with clarity.

Think of being on-purpose and serving it to benefit other people besides your family, with clarity, as the equivalent of triumphantly playing the musical instrument you find most beautiful.

Then, as you make increasingly purposeful decisions with consistency, your life becomes increasingly harmonious because you’re striking the right chords. A result is achieving your best self and best work.

Most of us go through life tone-deaf. We never learn to play the most beautiful instrument we have – our purpose, let alone serve our purpose equally as business colleague. friend, community member or spirit-filled person and achieve our best self and best work.

Those that do achieve authentic leadership.

Are you brave enough to become an authentic leader who leaves a legacy? I have a process that’s not mysterious or difficult. I’ve found that after a short investment of time leaders feel energized and can’t believe they didn’t think of doing this before.

Go ahead and reach-out to me now. Let’s get on a call. I look forward to it.

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