There was an article at that ranked the quality of all 62 World Cup games played up to the finals – .

What defines a ‘one of the best soccer games I ever watched’ realization?

Here is a defining criteria that is a metaphor for world-class collaboration (or lack thereof) in business:

  • The greater the number of completed passes, the more the ball is moving and teammates are collaborating. Incomplete passes could be the result of ambitious passing, of bad touches or of good defense, so you ignore them. Slide tackles are good, but missed tackles aren’t. So the higher the percentage of attempted tackles that are successful, the better.

A complete pass (of the soccer ball) is like a hand-off on a project in business from one team member to another. Completed hand-offs or ball movement equals speed and productivity. Incomplete passes are simply mistakes to overcome. Finally, slide tackles are overcoming issues.

If we focus on hand-offs in business, own mistakes and tackle issues as a team we’ll achieve world-class collaboration like Germany did today. They beat Argentine 1-0 in the 2014 World Cup final.


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