After Michelangelo sculpted his masterpiece statue, DAVID, he was asked “how did you know to sculpt DAVID?” Michelangelo, very direct, said “DAVID was always there, in the marble. I just took away everything that wasn’t DAVID.”

If you take the time to write-down what your best self is, that’s your DAVID. It’s the truth about who you can be. It’s beautiful to behold the process, of the daily chipping-away of the marble, that’s disguising your DAVID.

How do you take away everything that’s not your best self? You need an authentic feedback loop to create a gap analysis between your best self and how you’re currently showing-up in your WHOLE life, not just work. Part of being human is that it’s impossible to be truly objective about ourselves.

The people that love you and want to see your inner DAVID emerge, hold the keys to that feedback loop process that gives you the direction and strength to chip away what’s been holding you back from achieving the best version of yourself.

If you’re truly interested in achieving your best self, this is the quickest path. This path is called the authenticity curve and YOU ARE Michelangelo.

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