I read an article on Linked-In claiming leadership classes DON’T WORK. Here’s my take – leadership tips and tricks learned through coaching, competency training, and experience DO WORK AFTER you work on the foundation of leadership – your character.

Most feel they’re a leader based on their work product and they’re wrong – that’s quadrant 3. You’re not just ‘what’ you are…

A leader is more than being successful in one domain of life. You’re not a leader until you reach quadrant 4. In quadrant 4, you’re successful at ‘who’ you are – a successful spouse, parent, co-worker, friend, and community member (especially when things are going poorly for you) AND ‘what’ you are or work product.

You are your temperament AND your character. You’re born with a temperament, not character. Character is built over time. Temperament at the service of character is you at your best. You harness your temperament and character by capturing it on paper, measuring it (for integrity), refreshing it with scheduled learning and sustaining it with the support of a community of like-minded folks.

Significant Leaders work on their character because YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE….

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