Do you know how to stay on a roll?

You deal with ALL SURPRISES successfully. You know what a GOOD SURPRISE is? Something that brings out your best.

You know what a BAD SURPRISE is? A problem. Dealing with a problem is usually when your attitude changes. You act less than your best. In other words, you’re not yourself. Sometimes we ask for forgiveness when this happens.

You should always have ‘plan B’ ready when you run into a bad surprise.

You know what ‘plan B’ is? It’s dealing with all surprises the same. Another name is INTEGRITY. Integrity is being your best self, always… Whether you’re with a client or dealing with a difficult family member, you’re the same person, acting your best…

I would like to thank the man sitting across from me in the waiting room at the doctor’s office last week wearing this t-shirt for the idea for this post as well as solving what to buy my dad for Christmas this year.

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