You Don’t NEED Trust

You don’t NEED trust to lead. You NEED authority. Trust is a by-product of authority. You build your own authority. You receive trust from others.

There’s 2 types of authority – AUTHORITATIVE authority and AUTHORITARIAN authority. Authoritative authority is leading based on WHO you are and HOW you do things (and make others feel).

Others WANT to follow you as an authoritative leader, instead of NEEDING to follow you as an authoritarian leader to keep their job.

How do you build your authority as a leader whether as an individual leader or team leader? That’s the type of question we address to drive meaningful discussion and action in ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE QUICKLY, the monthly, 30 minute webinar on the 2nd Friday of each month, beginning Friday, May 8th.

You can grab a seat now by signing-up on my LinkedIn ‘about’ page.

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