Flying back from Denver yesterday, I sat next to a college baseball coach who asked me what I did and remarked – ‘we do the same thing, but CEOs are harder’.

Before deplaning, I asked to use his ‘1/40th of the solution’ idea from our chat. It builds community, authentic leadership, and accountability.

Here’s what he tells players, from the star pitcher to the benchwarmer… ‘You’re only 1/40th of the baseball program’ (total # of players, coaches and support personnel).

Everyone has to bring their ‘A game’ everyday. You’re accountable to those that built the program before you, those in it now, and those to come.

Your ‘A game’ is 1. your connection to others, 2. character, and 3. development/contribution of your talents which impacts wins and losses.

The idea of being ‘1/40th of the solution’, regardless of role, helps you practice humility & achieve great things. 1. you remember you’re not as responsible for your success as you think, 2. everyone has dignity & talents they’re responsible for contributing, and 3. you must keep others accountable for their 1/40th of the solution.

This coach & authentic leaders are measured by wins and losses so they put the best players on the field, who tend to be the players that embrace their 1/40th most.

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