1. Only do things that take you towards your ‘WHY’ and mission. Read them frequently.
2. Your answer to ‘WHY’ you do what you do should be how you serve others. It has nothing to do with money, power or reputation. What is your ‘BIG WHY’? Without it your life is devoid of purpose.
3. Your answer to your ‘mission’ is ‘what you do best, who you do it for best, how you do it best and the result’. It is about you. What is your mission? Without it, your life is devoid of substance.
4. When you do things that take you away from your ‘WHY’ or mission, you end up spending time and money on things people don’t care about and you are less satisfied with your life.
5. Lastly, if you’re not asking for feedback on the above regularly and reflecting on it, you’re guessing.

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