Think about a hobby you enjoy and how you went about improving in that hobby.

In soccer, most players have a dominant foot they use to pass and shoot the ball. At some point, in grade school, I realized I was left footed and in order to improve, I had to learn to use both feet well. How long did that take? I probably didn’t play well with both feet until after college.

Playing soccer with my right foot wasn’t physically instinctive, so I had to practice using my right foot, feeling clumsy and making mistakes.

I practiced for years using my right foot until it became instinctive. I didn’t have to think about it. It just happened naturally. In other words, after practicing using my right foot for years, it became ‘2nd nature’.

It’s the same moving from playing soccer with temperament to playing with character. Playing soccer with temperament is instinctive. In more extreme cases it looks like being disrespectful to the referee, dribbling past 3 defenders only to lose the ball to the 4th one instead of sharing the ball with teammates or losing confidence when things are not going your way. Like learning to play soccer with both feet, you have to practice playing with character until it happens naturally.

What are the consequences of moving from leading your life instinctively or with temperament to leading it with character? Achieving your best self while doing what you do best. Not just at work, but home, community, friendships, and as a leader. That’s your most consequential hobby (for life).

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