I office at home and my wife and I have 5 school age children.

It’s summer vacation now, and this morning, I was in the kitchen and my 9 year-old blurted-out from the adjoining family room, ‘can I watch television?’. My reply was, ‘what am I, a dog?’. I have a name! In this case it’s ‘Dad’…

It reminded me that your name is your favorite word in the world. WHY? After food and water, what people CRAVE is RESPECT. Using someone’s name is a sign of respect. Respect is a cornerstone of human relations. The more someone feels respected, the more they respond to you.

What do most of us do? Take those closest to us, family, friends, and coworkers for granted and treat them with less respect – like my 9-year-old this morning.

Words are powerful. Use more powerful words for better responses by using names more often. Even if someone knows what you’re doing, it still works.

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