In marketing, one of the current buzz-words is ‘persona’.

Persona? For example, you create a persona of your best client so you can tailor your marketing efforts towards those that match that persona. For the marketing folks out there – am I missing anything?

OK, so your persona is made-up many things and some of them I’ve named in the visual in this blog post. Uniquely, every person(a), when born, lacks one thing – character. Meaning, no one is born with it. It’s built over time.

Here’s what I think – at the core of your persona, you are your temperament and character. If you want to achieve your best self, you have to strengthen your persona’s core. Makes sense?

The process I’m going through to strengthen my core is transitioning from instinctively, naturally leading with my temperament to practicing leading with my character until it becomes natural.

I think my best route to make this transition, solve my persona problem and achieve my best self is to continue to learn about my temperament ( and build my character with the help of feedback from family & friends.

What would you suggest to help someone solve a persona problem?

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